we ride


Visions in my mind
Of the day that we met
U showed me things
That I will never forget
Took me swimming
In the ocean
U had my head up in the clouds
Make me feel like im floating (yeah)
U think im playing
When u now its the truth
Nobody else can do it
Quite like I do
All my kisses
And my lovin
But aint nobody
Better than us

Now I look back on the time
That we spent and
I see it in my mind
Playin over and over again
U got me breaking down
And I just can't figure out why
But this is what u say

I guess its over

And definitely
But you and I know
Its not that easy
To let go
Of everything that we planned
And start all over again
Just blame yourself cuz you blew it
I won't forget how you do it
Sweet baby
This is where the game ends now somehow
Might not believe u and me
We can figure it out

U gonna make me say boy
I wish that u come hold me
When I'm lonely
When I need someone to talk to
U would phone me
Just like everything its on me
(when we ride we ride it's til the day we die)
Boy u forgot about the promises
U made me
And now we'll let the memories
Just fade away
But I remember
What u used to say

When We Ride

Ride when we ride we ride
It's till to the day that we´ll die
When we ride we ride
It's till to the day that we´ll die



6.9.10 17:30


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